It’s that time again! The April 6 Consolidated Elections for local offices will for the most part be fairly quiet with the only contested village election being in North Riverside. The signs are already showing up.

Riverside chose to vet candidates through the Riverside Community Caucus, a longstanding way to choose candidates. The slate was chosen by a small group of people who then presented it to the full Caucus for a vote, although all members of the Caucus were not eligible to vote. 

That differed from the original Caucus bylaws which gave more people a chance to vote and present candidates at a large meeting. Candidates were usually people who had been active in the community in some way, many having served on a commission. Representation from all areas of the Village was also looked at. 

The new village president will be Joe Ballerine, who was formerly a trustee and active in for many years in the village. Trustees will include one incumbent trustee and two newcomers, including one who has only resided in the village for four to five years. Unfortunately, an incumbent trustee and longtime resident was overlooked.

Brookfield will have a board that will bring much experience, all of them having served as a trustee or in some other capacity on a village commission. Incoming President Mike Garvey will prove again he has the experience and genuine concern for the village.

Look for the fireworks in North Riverside, and not the ones we usually see on July 4. With three candidates seeking the seat of president, the battle has already begun. 

School board elections for Riverside-Brookfield High School and Lyons Township High School need your attention. They are contested and important.

Early voting has already begun and nearby one can go to the Brookfield Village Hall at 8820 Brookfield Avenue. You may know it better as the site of the Brookfield Farmers Market and next to Kiwanis Park. Lyons Village Hall at 4200 Lawndale Ave. is also an early voting site. Turn at Culver’s on Ogden Avenue and you will see it. I recommend on your way back you stop at Culver’s and reward yourself.

Both venues are safe and secure. There is no reason for anyone not to vote.