The polling place shuffle continues for some voters in the Lyons Township portion of Brookfield.

If you’re planning to vote in person on Election Day, April 6, you might want to double check just where you need to go. A couple of weeks ago, an email distributed to voters in the area indicated there were new polling places for those in Lyons Township Precincts 2, 4 and 6 in Brookfield and Precinct 66 in Lyons.

But last week, Lyons Township Clerk Mike Porfirio confirmed that the information in that email had been updated again, and provided the Landmark with the official list of polling place changes in Lyons Township for the April 6 Consolidated Election.

Brookfield voters in Precinct 2, who used to vote at Congress Park School, will vote on April 6 at Lincoln School, 4300 Grove Ave.

Meanwhile, voters in Precincts 4 and 6, who used to vote at Congress Park School in Brookfield, will vote on April 6 at the LaGrange Community Center, 200 Washington Ave.

Porfirio confirmed that there will be no changes in polling places for Lyons residents who live in Precinct 66. Those voters will continue to vote on April 6 at Lincoln School in Brookfield.

Initial reports had those voters being sent all the way west of LaGrange Road to Park Junior High in LaGrange Park, but that is no longer the case.