The pandemic has affected everyone in various ways. Among those impacted have been community organizations, whose fundraising efforts have taken a big hit. Organizations are trying to use creative means to generate funds for their causes.

Mater Christi Parish’s Holy Name Society transformed their annual Turkey Shoot raffle to a virtual Turkey Basket raffle. It was so successful they just did an Easter basket raffle, each raffle having 25 baskets.

Hauser Junior High had just celebrated its 50th annual food drive when the pandemic hit in March 2020. While the resulting shutdown of the school cut short that effort, the food drive is back for its 51st year.

Traditionally, the drive was held around Thanksgiving and Christmas with the Salvation Army, which would come with their trucks to load up the food, the big beneficiary.

The drive was spearheaded by Mr. B. — Mr. Butch Berwanger, a teacher at the school. Students were encouraged to obtain food products or get money donations. Competition was fierce between the sixth, seventh and eighth grades to bring in the most cans and cash.

Some students went door to door, pulling wagons and singing Christmas carols, to collect items while others collected them at events. Many a Mother noticed her pantry shelves going bare.

Each year students would arrange an elaborate display of the donated items on the stage of the Hauser Jr. High. The public was even invited to come have a look.

Things are a bit different now. The food drive for the last few years has taken place in spring. Kudos to the enterprising students who live on the 500 block on Selborne and their friends who were in front of their houses on Saturday, April 10 to not only collect non-perishable food items and money but give you a refreshing glass of lemonade and homemade cookies. I highly recommend the Snickerdoodles.

Visit online at to learn how you can donate to the cause.

Remember, most organizations will accept donations even after an event has concluded.

Ewe won’t believe it: Rose Zapletal of Rose’s Catering at the North Riverside VFW made 150 lamb cakes for Easter, 25 of which went into Mater Christi Easter basket raffle. We can attest they were delicious. Winner, winner Easter dinner. Now that was a lot of baa-king!