For nearly 22 years Glory Smith has worked for School District 103. Apparently she has done at least a good job, because she was repeatedly rehired by the district for over two decades.

Now, all of a sudden, she is fired in what looks like the bum’s rush. Red flag. She apparently was given no specific reason or reasons – hidden information. Red flag. Some of the board members believe she should not be fired. Another red flag. No offers of remediation for whoever knows what reason. Red flag.

I feel and I am sure many other Brookfield residents feel this is the wrong way to treat someone who has done so much good for Brookfield for decades. Would the administrators and board members firing her want to be treated in a way that are treating her?

As a Brookfield taxpayer, I do not like to see money wasted. I am sure other Brookfielders do, too. Why should we vote for and pay our officials who create situations that generate lawsuits? 

This present situation looks like it will go in the direction of a lawsuit. I think Brookfield taxpayers do not want administrators and board members who help raise Brookfield property taxes through needless lawsuits. So much of your taxes go for schools already.

Jacqueline Solfronk, Ph.D., Brookfield