With COVID-19 vaccinations opening up earlier this month to anyone 16 and older, the Cook County Department of Public Health is also now tracking the rate at which residents of individual municipalities are being inoculated, and the results vary widely, even for towns right next to each other.

Riverside residents, for example, have been fully vaccinated at a much higher rate than their counterparts in Brookfield, North Riverside and Berwyn and at more than twice the rate of those in Lyons.

As of April 26, according to the Cook County Department of Public Health, 40.6 percent of Riverside residents had completed their vaccinations, compared to 29.1 percent in Brookfield, 21.8 percent in North Riverside, 24.2 percent in Berwyn and 19.8 percent in Lyons.

LaGrange (33.3 percent) and LaGrange Park (33.1 percent) also had rates higher than many of their neighbors in other communities.

The data was similar for the percentage of residents having had at least one COVID-19 shot. Again, Riverside was far ahead of its neighbors at 69.4 percent. In LaGrange and LaGrange Park, 56.4 percent and 53.6 percent of residents, respectively, had received at least one shot.

In Brookfield, 47.9 percent of residents had received at least one shot as of April 26, compared to 33.5 in North Riverside, 35.1 percent in Lyons and 41.6 percent in Berwyn.

Meanwhile, the number of new COVID-19 cases reported during the week-long period ending on the morning of April 27 remained similar to those seen in recent weeks. No new fatal cases of COVID-19 were reported in Brookfield, North Riverside or Riverside.

There were 36 new cases reported in Brookfield, the first weekly decrease since March 23, while Riverside saw its number of cases bounce back up last week, from 6 to 13.

North Riverside saw six new cases, according to the Cook County Department of Public Health, just a tick up from last week’s five new cases.

The COVID positivity rates in Brookfield and the 60546 ZIP code, which includes both Riverside and North Riverside, also reflect weekly case numbers. 

In Brookfield, where for the prior two weeks, the seven-day rolling positivity rate hovered around 8 percent, as of April 26, the village’s seven-day rolling positivity rate had fallen to 5.43 percent.

In the 60546 ZIP code, where the weekly rolling positivity rate had dropped to around 2 percent on April 19, it had risen to 3.23 percent as of April 26. The positivity rate data was obtained from the Northwestern School of Medicine’s online COVID dashboard.