Linda Sokol Francis Brookfield Library

In another month, the staff of the Brookfield Public Library will begin the big move across Lincoln Avenue to the Linda Sokol Francis Brookfield Library, which is nearing substantial completion.

On May 5, moving day got very real for everyone preparing that effort when the library’s board of trustees voted to hire Hallett Movers to conduct that operation. Hallett Movers submitted the second-lowest of five bids submitted for the work.

Their bid of $29,800 was a touch higher than the low bid of $29,525 from Armstrong Relocation, but trustees went with Hallett, which specializes in moving library collections and also promised to compete the job in two days versus Armstrong’s five.

“They work with libraries hand in hand on plans,” said Library Director Kimberly Coughran of Hallett Movers. “They work with libraries extensively on that [moving] plan.”

Hallett’s 40-page bid included detailed information on how the move would be carried out, including conducting packing seminars with staff to ensure items are packed and labeled appropriately, from file cabinets to books, computer equipment, office machines and even plants.

Brookfield Public Library also has experience working with Hallett Movers in the past. In 2006, Hallett used hydraulic lifts to move book cases inside the library to allow for repairs to be made to carpeting.

There’s not yet an exact date for when the move will take place, but residents will be receiving a postcard in the mail in June as that day draws closer, said Coughran.

When the move is under way, patrons can expect operations to cease for a couple of weeks. Reference librarians will still be available to answer questions by chat and email and virtual events will continue as planned.

Coughran said the target for opening the new library to the public is in July.

During the period where the new library is being readied for public use, Brookfield library patrons can use the LaGrange Park Public Library, 555 N. LaGrange Road, which has agreed to serve as Brookfield’s temporary library.

Patrons can pick up SWAN requests and interlibrary loan items at LaGrange Park and they’ll also be able to use the library’s laptop computers and browse their collections.

“We’re really grateful to them for serving us during this move,” Coughran said.

Meanwhile, work both inside and outside the Linda Sokol Francis Library is nearing the finish line. Carpeting has begun to be laid in the lower-level and flooring is moving ahead on the upper floors.

The first sidewalks, at the rear of the library, have been poured and the heating and air-conditioning system is about to be fully operational.

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