Brookfield Village Hall (File 2014)

The village of Brookfield ended a months’ long effort to collect on a $50 parking ticket issued last July when village trustees approved a 12-page formal settlement agreement with Brookfield resident Michael Camerano on May 24 as part of the village board’s omnibus agenda at that night’s meeting.

In the agreement, the village vacated the judgment of its municipal adjudicator, who affirmed the $50 fine in two administrative hearings last September and in February.

By settling the disputed ticket, the village will also stop adding to legal bills that had ballooned to $12,410 as it pursued the parking fine – one Camerano apparently was determined to fight.

A month after the village’s adjudicator upheld the fine last September, Camerano filed a complaint for administrative review in the Municipal Division of Cook County Circuit Court.

Over the next four months, he would amend his complaint three times as the village sought to have the review dismissed.

Brookfield Village Manager Timothy Wiberg, who declined to discuss on the record exactly how the village was able to rack up such a large legal bill in pursuit of a parking ticket, said he pulled the plug when he learned what it was costing in legal fees.

“In all these types of cases the village has to make an educated decision on when it’s in the public interest to fight these types of cases and when not to,” Wiberg said. “In this case, the public benefit was outweighed by the expense.”

The 42-year-old Camerano, who represented himself in the circuit court case, did not respond to an email seeking more information from the Landmark. The ticket was written for a violating the village’s parking restrictions on street-sweeping days.

Initially, it appears that Camerano contested the adjudicator’s September 2020 judgment in part because adjudicator John Foti left out a letter of the vehicle’s license plate in his written order. Foti reaffirmed his judgment in a corrected order dated Feb. 12, 2021.