Kristopher Rivera

The newly constituted Lyons District 103 school board, now made up entirely of members elected with the backing of Lyons Village President Christopher Getty, perhaps gave an indication of things to come by racing through a 10-item agenda in just 27 minutes at its May 25 meeting last week. 

The most significant action the school board took was giving Superintendent Kristopher Rivera a one-year contract extension. Rivera who received a three-year contract when he was hired in 2019, now has a deal that expires June 30, 2023. 

“I feel very good about that,” Rivera said after the meeting. “I’m appreciative. We’ve got so many things going in a positive direction. Ultimately, it’s the learning of the students that is our goal, and we’ve built enough structures now that if COVID will mosey on out of the way that we will be able to really show some improvement because we’ve built the foundation.”

School board President Jorge Torres declined to comment when asked about Rivera’s contract extension.

Rivera also received a raise of 6.5 percent to bring his annual salary next year up to $165,000.

Rivera was paid $155,000 in the first two years of his contract. Rivera took a pay freeze last year due to the financial pressures caused by the pandemic.

The board also approved one-year contracts for other administrators. Lincoln School Principal Theresa Silva will be paid $99,425 next year. The board also voted unanimously to give Silva a $6,500 stipend for the present school year because Lincoln School has been without an assistant principal since November, when Beatriz Lappay was made the district’s director of early childhood education.

Lappay will be paid $95,000 next year, the same salary she was given when she was named the director of early childhood education late last year. 

Curriculum and Instruction Director Darek Naglak, Director of Student Services Kim West, and Director of ELL Rubi Ortiz will all be paid $117,875 next year. Business Director Shelia Johnson will be paid $124,425 next year. Director of Human Resources Stephanie Koenig, who was hired last year, is getting an 8-percent raise to bring her salary to $78,000.

The school board also unanimously approved a schedule for school board meetings for the 2021-22 fiscal year that keeps the meetings on Tuesday evenings but, beginning with the July 27 meeting, moves up the start time an hour to 6 p.m.

Since March 2020, the District 103 school board has limited attendance at its in-person meetings to just 10 people, including board members and staff, but that could change next month if Gov. J.B. Pritzker lifts all pandemic-related emergency orders and proclamations as he is expected to do in June.

Lyons, D103 partner on summer camp

The school board also unanimously approved an intergovernmental agreement with the village of Lyons to jointly operate a summer camp at George Washington Middle School. 

District 103 and the village will split costs and revenues from the camp. The school district will provide and pay for two teacher coordinators, two STEM teachers, a nurse, food service workers and the services of Kim West, the district’s director of student services. The village will provide and pay for 10 camp counselors and the services of the village’s director of parks and recreation. 

The agreement states the school district will bear the costs of hosting the summer programming, including the costs of materials, equipment, food and all costs associated with school district staff working at the summer camp. 

In addition to paying the camp counselors, the village will bear the costs of advertising and camp registration. Gross revenues will be split evenly between the school district and the village.

The school district will also host four weeks of summer school in July.