In regards to the article about flooding after June 26 deluge (“Streets, basements flood after June 26 deluge,” News, June 30), while I understand that we live in houses and neighborhoods that have been around for 80, 90, 100 years, the excuse of “well, the sewer systems just can’t handle that much rain” is not an excuse when you have to pay over $12,000 a year in property taxes and have water/sewer bills close to $200. 

Passing the buck, or in this case a $6,000 major plumbing redo on your basement, to residents whose basements never flooded like this until recently is not right. You want me to get overhead sewer pipes, drain tiles and continue to see my property taxes go up and up every couple of years by the thousands, and then you continue to ignore or hope that people forget about their temporary indoor basement pools until it happens again next year. 

There are plenty of other towns around Cook County that are near creeks, the Des Plaines River, that did not have so many residents with flooded basements and streets on Saturday. 

Whatever you do, do not talk to the residents that spent $6,000 on a basement redo and still had sewer water in their basement.

Tanya Maddocks, Riverside