In 2020, my company, Boxless Media, was faced with a difficult situation. We were amidst a global pandemic, having one of the busiest years in our seven-seven year history and had to find a new home due to the redevelopment of our existing office space. 

As a proud resident of Brookfield for more than five years, I made the decision to relocate the business to Brookfield. As soon as we moved in, we joined the Brookfield Chamber of Commerce and began contributing to everything we could including sponsoring this week’s #NationalNightOut. I was quickly offered, and without hesitation accepted, a volunteer directorship on the chamber’s board of directors. 

At the same time, we also started the Explore Brookfield podcast to help promote fellow small businesses in town – not asking for a paycheck, just being a good neighbor.

To be a better global neighbor, we stopped billing all our restaurant clients in an effort to help the most struggling businesses survive COVID. We also offered any restaurant in the area free marketing services — just to help them through a rough time.

We were able to do this because during the pandemic, we focused on our live streaming services and, among other things, built a system for privately streaming memorial services. In a matter of a few months, we became Chicagoland’s largest provider of livestreaming services for the funeral industry. Today our services are offered at more than 40 funeral homes.

While we are disappointed that the village recently chose not to shop local and spend the tax dollars earmarked toward supporting our local businesses with an out-of-town vendor (“Brookfield tries new approach for marketing village,” News, July 28, 2021), we are here to stay. We are proud to call Brookfield home and will be here far longer than a company that just wants a quick paycheck.

We love you all, Brookfield, and are proud to call you our neighbors and friends.

Jason Baumann, president/Boxless Media, Brookfield