FILE Strive 4 Fitness owners Victoria and Shawn Groll | File

The Strive 4 Fitness chain will be launching a new business focused on taking wellness to new heights. Level Up Café & Recovery is scheduled to open in mid-October at 716 E. 31st Street in La Grange Park.

Brookfield residents Victoria and Shawn Groll, who founded and operate Strive 4 Fitness locations in Garfield Ridge, Brookfield, Riverside and La Grange Park, have launched a new venture called Level Up Café & Recovery, which is scheduled to open in mid-October at 716 E. 31st Street in La Grange Park.

“When we started Strive five years ago, we always envisioned adding a café and recovery location to complement our fitness studios,” said Victoria Groll in a press release. “When a storefront became available next to our LaGrange Park studio, we seized the opportunity to realize the dream.” 

Level Up Café & Recovery is part cafe and part recovery center and retail shop designed to nourish, refresh and educate customers. The café will serve coffees and espressos from beans sourced worldwide and roasted locally, along with fresh fruit smoothies and protein shakes that can be ordered off the menu or custom designed with your choice of ingredients including proteins, amino acids and other nutrients. 

The recovery center will offer 30-minute Normatec compression therapy sessions to help reduce soreness and swelling, muscle tension, assist with flexibility and range of motion and increase circulation while helping speed up recovery time. 

The facility will also sell a selection of foam rollers, sleeve/arm compression bands and other related wellness products. 

For more information, visit the Level Up LGP Facebook page.