First and foremost, we wish the now-complete Riverside-Brookfield High School Board of Education well as it moves into the school year and the important work facing it over the next two years. We expect great results as the board learns to collaborate, compromise, and communicate with our communities.

While this appointment was a missed opportunity to reflect the changing demographics of our communities, we’re glad to see that the approved budget includes $60,000 in federal recovery money assigned to “wraparound services for vulnerable students.” 

As we’ve stated previously, IWSAL would like the district to create and implement an equity strategy with concrete initiatives that can deliver proven results. The ESSER money could go a long way toward putting those initiatives in place. And we expect the district to share the impact of those programs with the broader community.

Another key board task over the next two years is deciding who will lead D208 after June 2023. Indivisible West Suburban Action League does not have a position on who should lead the district after the 2022-23 school year. 

We want the board to include community input throughout their process, starting when it begins this year. In general we do not formally endorse local candidates; we do encourage residents to run and serve in local offices, and we work to educate the community about the needs and priorities of the district.

Thank you to the board members for their service to RBHS and our communities. We look forward to working with you.

Lisa Janunas, Lindsay H. Morrison, Josie Polanek, Kendra Curry-Khanna
Co-leaders of Indivisible West Suburban Action League