I would venture to say that Halloween is outranking Christmas when it comes to outdoor decorating. I don’t know what is going on inside people’s homes, but outside it is Halloween-iffic. 

Thanks to the good weather, people got those decorations out there early which encouraged others to do the same. It sure gave Husband Joe the push, so I did not have to.  I know we have a long way to go to compete with the pros out there, but I’m thankful for what is adorning our abode.

I have always liked Halloween and in Riverside it was always a treat (get it?). Not only was it safe to go house to house, it even was safe to go into other people’s houses. I can remember getting apples and there was always the house where you got homemade popcorn balls wrapped in cellophane.

I liked getting the wax teeth, mustaches or lips, which were initially sweet until all that was left in your mouth was a glob of wax. Or how about the little wax bottles, that you bit into and sweet liquid came out, usually on your costume? It was pure sugar water, I’m sure.

Costumes were usually homemade, put together with what one had at home. Joe had a few very outdated jackets that the kids made into good costumes, mainly hoboes. If sheets went missing they’d be found with two eye holes cut out and with mud around the bottom. It also could be a toga. 

Today we see lots of princesses, Star Wars characters, cheerleaders and football players. Whatever is big with Disney is usually popular with the kids. There was the year while I was still teaching at Mater Christi that we fun teachers dressed in costume. 

I was a nun in a habit, complete with a cross and rosary beads, with a ruler in my hand. As I walked down the hall assuming my nun posture and stern look, I was asked by some unsuspecting child, “Mrs. Kosey, what are you supposed to be?” So much for that.

You’ll see Husband Joe and me sitting outside on Halloween passing out treats, enjoying our decorations (artificial pumpkins drive the squirrels nuts) and the little goblins trying to avoid eating any of the treats, which is why I put them in little bags.

Be sure to drive around and see the decorations especially on Delaplaine Road in Riverside for a two-house spectacular display.