Riverside is filled with history, due to its age, landscape, architecture and people, so when I recently ran across an old newspaper clipping on the computer it reminded me of people who had chosen Riverside as their home.

The clipping was a photo from a Chicago newspaper dated Aug. 29, 1940 and it was a picture of a lovely young girl named Frances Jones, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Jones of Riverside, who had been named queen of the 1940 Chicago College All-Star football game in Chicago. 

The annual summer exhibition game pitted the previous year’s NFL champion against a team of college all stars. Jones was to present a trophy to Bill Osmanski of the Chicago Bears, who the year before was named MVP of the game playing for the College All Stars after starring as a fullback at Holy Cross College. 

It was noted that Miss Jones was the first girl from a Catholic college to be named queen and that Frances, though a member of the Christian Science Church, attended Rosary College, a college for women (now Dominican University) in River Forest. The Jones family attended the Christian Science Church on Longcommon Road that’s now the home of the Leone family.

Frances Jones was described as “petite and blonde” and one of the most beautiful college girls in the country. She had attended Riverside schools and graduated from Riverside-Brookfield High School, While at Rosary, she was active in the drama department.

 She married Brackett Denniston, an Episcopalian who attended St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, and they raised their four children in the Episcopal faith. The children, Debbie, Brackett, Blair and Jay all attended Riverside schools and keep contact with many of their friends from their younger years.

The family was active in the community with some relatives also living in Riverside, so it would not be unusual to see the name of Denniston appear in newspaper clippings about Riverside. 

There are many people who still remember the family and for those of you who are not familiar with them, you have now been introduced.

So those of you who consider yourselves “pack rats” those old clippings may conjure pleasant memories, and if they find their way to me it may even be an interesting subject for Kosey Corner.

It is always nice to put good news into print and share some of lesser known stories. I’m always looking for things to interest you and me.