It has finally arrived, Christmas is here. Again we thought we had so much time, but we really didn’t. 

As usual, the cards have not been sent. I like to think when ours do arrive you will have more time to read it. Looking at our two little trees — decided to pass on the big one this year — they could use a few more ornaments, or should I say less is more and be satisfied. 

What presents have not been purchased can still be picked up at Walgreens or CVS. I did take time to get something for me — a Bailey’s Irish Cream gift set with bottle and two cups. Thank you to me.

But the spirit of the season can be shown in many and here are a couple suggestions.

The Riverside Township Lions Club has arranged to have a truck at Riverside Foods on Dec. 26 to bring supplies to the tornado victims down south. Seeing the devastation, you can only imagine how much is needed. 

Here are some suggestions to help fill up the truck: Baby items, diapers, toilet paper, hygiene items, blankets, and socks to name a few things. No clothing is being taken at this time. Here is an opportunity to express the real sentiment of the season. Let’s help the Lions Club fill the truck.

Riverside Village President Joe Ballerine is hoping we will all be good neighbors by helping the new Broadview Senior Apartments fill up their library. Nothing worse than bare shelves in a library. 

You can help by bringing in books and puzzles, new or gently used, to the newly opened Sips and Sweets in the Arcade Building at 1 Riverside Road in Riverside, where owner Krista Brazel will be glad to collect your donations. 

Have a cup of coffee and a cinnamon roll when you drop off your books and/or puzzles. Broadview Mayor Katrina Thompson is happy to have a good neighbor, and that would be us.

Thank you to the Riverside Township Lions Club and Ballerine for giving us some suggestions on how we can express the true meaning of Christmas.

To you my readers, I wish you peace this holiday season to you and your families. May the spirit we exhibit at this time continue throughout the year. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!