Many times I am asked the question of how I come up with subjects to write about week after week. Sometimes it is easy and sometimes it isn’t. 

This week, for instance, I didn’t get all my info in time so, the column I had planned for this week you’ll see next week. It will be about a documentary film done by Riverside-raised Patrick Creadon about my favorite sports story, the 1963 Loyola Ramblers basketball team.

In the meantime, let’s talk about the Olympics. Leaving out the politics, we enjoy watching the Olympics from the opening ceremonies, with their wonderful the fashion parade of countries, to the closing ceremonies. There are a few hats I wouldn’t mind having. 

This year, many of the countries chose not to attend and many of the athletes have been sidelined with COVID-19 and are compelled to view the events from the Olympic Village or a place where they can be quarantined.

We all share in the disappointment that many of them experience when after all that strenuous training they can’t participate. We also grimace when a skater falls on the ice.  Don’t you wonder how they can just pop up and continue on?  I, if I could even ice skate, would most likely sit there and cry until someone came and helped me up.

Last night watching the skiers on the moguls, I thought they must have knees that will never make it until they are 35. How they fly down those hills and flip themselves up and twist in the air blows my mind.

Ski jumping is up there for thrills and reminds me of when Riverside hosted ski jumping at Swan Pond. I think it was put on by the Norge Ski Club, which has several athletes in this year’s Olympics. It was sad to see the woman who was thought to be gold medal contender in the giant slalom who fell — all that practice to wait another four years. I’m also still trying to figure out curling.

Spring must be coming: Naturescape, our lawn treatment service called to schedule an appointment. This year, we’ll get those grubs.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all. Be of kind and generous of heart.