I am in total support of Jan Goldberg’s letter to the Landmark of March 9, 2022 (“As pandemic recedes, time to reflect”). 

As she pointed out we, as a nation, have had mandates for the past 245 years or more. The nation and the world must have them if we are to live in an orderly society.

 The people against our government, or for that matter private business, telling us what we should do is necessary to prevent chaos –think speed limits (for those of us who vaguely obey them), paying our property taxes (so our homes do not go onto a scavenger sale list), learning to read (so we might know what is written in the U.S. Constitution), being forced to go to school (until we are at least 16 so as to someday show some intelligence), being on time for working at our job, (that is how we make money to live), obtain a license to drive or own a gun (which is proof that we know how to perform an act safely).

It is very unfortunate that some of our previous national leaders missed out on some of these requirements (learning to read the U.S. Constitution) and therefore threw the nation into the needless chaos of disputing elections.

Our elementary and high school students complain about wearing face masks to help prevent the spread of COVID. What, the weight of carrying around an extra an ounce is such a burden? Consider yourself grateful that you don’t live in the Ukraine and need to wear a mask due to fires in bombed out buildings. Children, you have a duty and responsibility to not cause harm to others. 

Paul Marhoul, Riverside