There’s nothing like a good American hamburger, I always say, and no matter how you fix it, it always seems to taste better when you order your burger out. 

Maybe it’s the fact that someone else is making it and you just enjoy it, letting the juices run down your chin. While there are some fine local choices, you may also want to consider heading to Wayback Burgers in Darien.

Wayback Burgers is owned by Riverside residents John and Julie Stack and it’s a family affair with their children, Charlie, Liam and Caitlyn, also part of the staff. Opened on Nov. 20, 2021 the couple had been seeking to operate a family business when it became apparent John would be having a career change. And, what is better than burgers?

The Stacks are Wayback Burger franchisees, joining a company that has locations across the country and internationally. The menu that is, of course, heavy on burgers but also includes chicken sandwiches, hotdogs, salad and a variety of sides. Top it off with an old-fashioned milkshake just like the ice cream shops used to make.

Although the burger shop opened during might be considered a difficult time, it has proven to be a success. Much of the success can be attributed to a good product and a family that enjoys what they are doing. 

Because I would not endorse anything I haven’t tried, I can attest to the goodness of the classic hamburger from Wayback Burgers just like they used to make way back when courtesy of Brian Brennan.

The restaurant is open seven days a week and is located at 2425 75th St. in Darien — not a far ride and worth the trip. 

There is still time to get raffle tickets for the Riverside-Brookfield Educational Foundation cash raffle on April 9 at Aunt Diana’s and the St. Paul Parish Holy Name Easter Raffle also this weekend. Participating in these events makes you a winner in more than one way. Good luck. If I don’t win a ham, I can always order some Wayback burgers.