Senior citizens, it’s so good to have fun and enjoy yourself. Here are some ideas:

Get a favorite CD or ask someone to buy it for you and sing along with it or just listen and enjoy.

Read to your grandchildren and dance with them. I do it all the time. If you’re in a wheelchair, sway to the music.

Go Shopping. Look for clothes you love that look good on you. You may get compliments that will make you feel even better.

Get exercise. You might go for a walk at one of your favorite places. There are chair exercises you can find on the internet that are easy and fun to do. The library, the village hall and park districts have exercise classes and events where you can socialize, play games, have refreshments and just plain have fun.

There are a lot of organizations where you can volunteer. Find one that you will enjoy doing.

Go on a lake cruise, ocean cruise or guided tours. Visit restaurants, museums, zoo or other places you enjoy. Most places are wheelchair-accessible.

Make phone calls and send encouraging notes.

Pray for others to be blessed and pray to be a blessing.

Mary Stucker, Brookfield