Believe it or not, the arrival of Easter means another debate season. However, as with most of these differences of opinion dealing with food, they are not serious but people have strong opinions when it comes to chocolate Easter rabbits — and this year I will add the lamb cake to further stoke controversy.

When it comes to chocolate rabbits, you have three choices — milk chocolate, dark chocolate (which is better for you or so I’m told) and white chocolate. For me, the controversy isn’t about the type of chocolate, but about how you eat it. Are you an ears or tails first person?

Most people I have asked look at me strangely, mainly because they themselves have never really thought about it, knowing it doesn’t make a bit of difference. It appears the ears have it. So if you are fortunate to get a chocolate bunny, I have a feeling you are going to think about it before the first bite.

As for the lamb cake, when I was a child I hated to cut into them. However, I quickly learned it was the only way I would get a piece. My mom would do the cutting, so there was no discussion as to which end got sliced first. 

Somehow it seems the last morsel on the platter is the head, which eventually falls over, cushioned by a thick layer of cream cheese frosting (is it frosting or icing-discussion for another day) topped with shredded coconut. The cake itself is not important, but it is only appropriate that it be carrot cake.

My recommendations for these sweet treats: For anything chocolate, you can’t go wrong with Aunt Diana’s be it eggs or bunnies milk, dark or white. For a lamb cake, try out the ones made by Rose Zapletal of Rose’s Catering. I have already placed my order and I am looking forward to picking it up on Friday. Will it make it to Easter?

Happy Easter and peace to you, my readers.