In a time of toxic partisanship and the undue influence of special interests and big money, our courts are increasingly the last bastion of our democracy. At all levels of the judiciary, we need people who are honest, independent, and compassionate. 

We need people of legal acumen, and with deep experience both inside and outside the courthouse to bring integrity to our judicial process. But mostly we need people of character and grace who can reestablish trust in our judicial system by showing that it operates apart from politics and special interests. 

Chloe Pedersen is such a person. She is a Riverside resident who is running for the 4th Judicial Subcircuit (Vacancy of Rogers) and I strongly endorse her. You can read about the depth and breadth of her experience, her bar association ratings and her endorsements at 

Those things are all important, and you will see that she is unquestionably qualified to be a judge. But those things are also reflective of something that goes beyond qualifications and experience. We want judges of wisdom, who see the deeper aspects of the cases they adjudicate. And we want judges who are both strong and kind, with the judgment to balance the two. Please vote for Chloe Pedersen.

Benjamin Sells, Riverside