My take — and my vote — on who will represent us in Springfield is different from a normal letter. I won’t pretend to be unbiased or agnostic.

I know Mike Zalewski, his wife, and his four kids. Mike gave the toast at my wedding. Our daughters are playmates. These are wonderful people with whom most would want to affiliate themselves, socialize and, yes, represent us when critical decisions are on the line in the General Assembly.

Mike Zalewski is a forceful spokesperson for the issues that are important to me, my family and to our area. He has been a reliable voice for common sense gun regulations to keep our kids safe. He has been there for women’s rights, for expanding the earned income tax credit and doubling the property tax rebate, and after years of our state moving in the wrong direction, our finances are finally on the right track thanks in part to Mike’s leadership as chairman of the Revenue Committee. Beyond all that, he still finds the time to be a great dad.

Mike is a well-respected leader in Springfield who gets things done. Too much is on the line for us to start over with an unproven rookie. I strongly urge you to join me in casting your vote for our state representative Mike Zalewski.

Jessica Ruemmler, Riverside