It’s the time of year when scary movies are out in abundance. I personally do not like to intentionally like to scare myself — there is enough out in the world that is real and scary, which I also don’t like. Take a look at the news on a daily basis. If that doesn’t scare you, what does?

I never saw the first movie in the “Scream” franchise, so it doesn’t matter to me that this year’s edition is to be the last. For me, the scariest movie I ever saw was “Psycho.” OK, so I dated myself again. 

I remember seeing it with a date and I would not let him leave until my parents came home. It took a while before I would take a shower if there was no one home. Tony Perkins, the film’s star, was a good actor, but I could never watch any of his movies after that.

How about “The Exorcist”?  Why I watched that I don’t know. It also left an impression, not a good one. It had me turning to my Catholic faith and saying some prayers. Scary? Yes, it was.

Now another movie that scared many people, “Jaws,” didn’t scare me at all. I figured out if I listened to the music, I would know when the shark would appear, so I was ready.  Didn’t scream once.

The first scary movies I remember were from when I was very young, when my brother would get me to watch movies about zombies and tell me they were real. And I believed him. 

They would be in the closets and would come out to scare you when you clapped your hands. They were very fake but just enough to scare a little girl. It took a while before I would sleep with my back to the closet.

With Halloween upon us, we are inundated with spooky things and not just at the movies — there are even house decorations intended to scare you. 

The Kosey house takes a different approach. We have a happy witch on the door and smiley ghosts all around. So, if you want to be scared, don’t come to our house, but if you want treats do come, no tricks.

Thanks to Glen Klecka for sending a recommendation for the McCook Bohemian Restaurant for good Bohemian food. It’s under new ownership and we know Bohemian restaurants are fading away. Thanks Glen, it sounds like a treat. As I say, Landmark readers are the best!