Maura Zinni

Hollywood School in Brookfield will have an interim principal for the next month or so. 

Maura Zinni, a retired school superintendent and former principal, is filling in for Hollywood Principal Kim Hefner, who is recovering from knee replacement surgery that she underwent last week. Hefner is expected to be out for three to six weeks.

Hefner informed Hollywood parents of her impending absence before she had the surgery.

“I will truly miss you all and look forward to being able to play basketball and other games at recess, and maybe even help the parents beat the fifth graders in kickball on field day,” Hefner wrote in her newsletter to parents.

Zinni spent two days working with Hefner at Hollywood last week before Hefner had her surgery. Hefner and Zinni visited every class at Hollywood School so students could get to see her before she started and understand that Hefner will be away for a while. 

Riverside Elementary School District 96 Superintendent Martha Ryan-Toye knew Zinni from their days working together at River Forest District 90 and reached out to the Forest Park resident, asking her to fill in for Hefner. Zinni will be paid $500 a day.

In 2021, Zinni retired after seven years as the superintendent of Frankfort School District 157-C.  Prior to that she served in administrative positions in school districts in Lombard and Skokie. 

Zinni served for five years as the principal of Edison School in Skokie. She began her career as an elementary school teacher at Lincoln Elementary School in River Forest.