School board members and administrators at Lyons Township High School were pleased that the cost to add more air conditioning next summer won’t cost as much as they thought it would. 

On Oct. 17, the LTHS District 204 Board of Education unanimously approved three bids, two for air conditioning and one for a partial North Campus roof replacement, which will cost just under $3 million, lower than the $3.5 to $4 million they had estimated.

“I was pretty pleased that it came in lower than what we anticipated,” said LTHS school board President Kari Dillon of the bids.

The board approved two bids from Glendale Heights-based Voris Mechanical for air conditioning work. It will cost $1,225,400 to air condition 14 science labs and classrooms in the J Wing on LTHS’s North Campus. 

The school board also accepted a $1,037,100 bid from Voris to replace air handlers that cool and heat the North Campus library and LTTV studios. Voris submitted the lowest of five bids for the work — a combined $2,262,500 for the two projects.

The board also accepted a bid of $680,000 from Harvey-based Knickerbocker Roofing to replace portions of the clay tile roof at North Campus.

Knickerbocker Roofing was one of three companies that bid on the roof replacement work, and its bid was $320,000 lower than the next lowest bid. LTHS Business Manager Brian Stachacz said one reason Knickerbocker could bid so low was that it specializes in clay tile roofs such as the one at LTHS and would not have to subcontract out any of the work

The roof and air conditioning work are scheduled to be done next summer although there is a possibility that some of the air conditioning work could be delayed until 2024 if the equipment doesn’t arrive in time.

Stachacz said that there is currently a 40- to 50-week lead time in getting air handling units. LTHS might have to pay to store some equipment if all the work can’t be completed next summer.

“There could be some additional costs to store these units if we have to,” Stachacz said. 

Each air conditioning contract contains a $50,000 allowance for unanticipated costs.