I was delighted to read about the grant to Riverside TV to digitize the VHS archive (“Riverside TV gets grant to digitize VHS archive,” News, Nov. 23). What a smart move to preserve and make available the plethora of content that offers so many details of contemporary Riverside history. 

I know firsthand just how critical a pursuit those tapings were. As you noted, my father, Dr. Bob Novak, and his steadfast partner, Don Farnham, made it their business to push the agenda on meeting and event taping access, because they knew the preservation of process and information was the right thing to do.

Their early infamous “removal” from the proceedings was a badge of honor for them, subject to many retellings, as they knew it was the first step to getting attention. 

My father passed away during the holiday season 10 years ago. Knowing that their efforts remain viable and that the ability to more fully inform Riverside history is secure is the best Christmas gift we could ever give him.

And as Dr. Bob would have expressed, Happy Holidays and good health to all Riversidians!

Mary Novak Piette, LaGrange