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RB Landmark’s
2023 Election Guide

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Elections Overview

The Landmark sent questionnaires to each person running for public office in 2023. Candidates who submitted responses are listed below with links to their responses. Those candidates who are not linked did not send in responses. Candidates’ replies are as shown as they were received by the Landmark. *Indicates winners

Village of Brookfield Board of Trustees
*Nicole Gilhooley
*Katie Kaluzny (incumbent)
*Julie Narimatsu
Village of North Riverside Board of Trustees (3 seats open)
*Deborah Czajka (incumbent)
Jose Del Angel
Sandra Greicius
Marybelle Mandel (incumbent)
Joseph Maruska
*Antoni Santucci
*Nicholas Tricoci
Village of Riverside Board of Trustees
*Cristin Evans (incumbent)
*Alex Gallegos (incumbent)
*Jill Mateo
D94 Board of Education
Monica Arango
Chris Waas (incumbent)
D95 Board of Education (Two-year terms)D95 Board of Education (Four-year terms)
Jacqueline Jordan (incumbent)Elizabeth Loerop (incumbent)
Meaghan McAteer (incumbent)Katie Mulcrone (incumbent)
Kristin Reingruber
D96 Board of Education
Salina Claps
Marlowe Djuric Kachlic
Wesley Muirheid (incumbent)
D102 Board of Education (4 seats open)
Dr. Bessie Boyd (incumbent)
Molly Knott
Tiziana Lambert (incumbent)
Kathryn McQusiton
Catherine Murphy
Therese O’Sullivan
D103 Board of Education
Les Antos
Olivia Quintero (incumbent)
Winifred Rodriguez (incumbent)
Jorge Torres (incumbent)
D204 Board of Education (3 seats open)
Tim Albores
Jill Beda Daniels (incumbent)
Justin Clark
Kari Dillon (incumbent)
Frank Evans
David Herndon
Timothy Vlcek
D208 Board of Education (two-year term, 1 seat open)D208 Board of Education (four-year term, 4 seats open)
Carolyn Lach (incumbent)Kenyon Duner
Michael Welch (incumbent)Bill Durkin (incumbent)
Laura Hruska (incumbent)
Nicholas Novak
Deanna Zalas (incumbent)
Brookfield Public Library Board of Trustees (4 seats open)
Linda Kampschroeder (incumbent)
J. Edgar Mihelic (incumbent)
Mitzi Norton
Karl Olson
Jennifer Paliatka
North Riverside Public Library Board of Trustees
*Kathy Bonnar (incumbent)
*Annette Corgiat (incumbent)
*Kyle Johnson (incumbent)
Riverside Public Library Board of Trustees
Kenneth Circo (incumbent)
Nancy DeFauw
Courtney Greve Hack (incumbent)
Daniel Loucks