Let’s all go to the movies and get some Raisinets! I don’t know if you remember that jingle, but with all the hype about the upcoming Oscars, I started to realize it has been quite a while since I went to the movies. 

Probably the last time I was in a movie theater was when I took a grandchild to see a Disney movie, which was fine with me. I tend to like those kid movies and having a kid to take gives one an excuse to go to the theater. If you notice when you see those movies, there is always something that only adults catch. 

So, looking at this year’s slate of nominees I am not familiar with most of the stars and less familiar with the movies. 

As with every year there is controversy, what I’m most fascinated with are the fashions, which run from ridiculous to the sublime. Most of the wardrobes have me wondering how they can breathe, sit down or, more importantly, how they go to the bathroom. Oh, come on, you’ve wondered the same thing. 

Of late I’ve caught some of the oldies on TV. Nothing like a good Bette Davis movie to make you understand why she was a star. She certainly could be a nasty one or evoke your sympathy. I suppose by today’s standards the movies are corny, particularly when you look at the scenery and compare it to today’s special effects. 

My favorite movie? Well, there are several that I will watch if they are on, but my favorite goes to “Dirty Dancing.” It has my favorite line that I use whenever possible, “Nobody puts Baby in the corner.” 

From another favorite “Gone with the Wind” comes “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn” and “I’ll think about it tomorrow.” Tom Cruise had a line from one of his early movies, but I can’t say it here. Ask me when you see me. 

So good luck to the nominees. Keep putting out good movies. Maybe someday I’ll return to a theater, the popcorn always tastes good. 

Once again, this column comes to you from Cantata, only now I’m in The Woodlands section. And, once again, I have nice accommodations. Still having rehab — need to strengthen this body. Will keep you in the loop. I enjoy having breakfast brought to me. Love that oatmeal!