Where does the time go? Here we are in 2023 looking ahead to 2025 when Riverside will celebrate 150 years, also known as the sesquicentennial. 

Can it be that it has been nearly 50 years since we celebrated Riverside’s centennial? At that time, the late Don Clawsen was chairman of the celebration. Clawsen was a cigar smoker and always chewed the end of a cigar. Assisting him was the late Ed Meksto. Yours truly was also a member of the committee. 

It was quite a celebration with a huge parade, picnic at Indian Gardens, hot air balloon, and ended with a dinner dance. There were also commemorative souvenirs for sale, like pewter plates, T-shirts, pencils, charms and an Olmsted patch to name a few. 

Most memorable was the pageant, an original performance titled “The Bend in the River.” There was a centennial song, also. The pageant had a large cast, with the musical leads being Bruce and Janet Perryman. The musical performed to sold-out crowds at the Riverside-Brookfield High School auditorium. The whole celebration was quite memorable. 

I was also on the committee of the 125th celebration, but of course it was not as big as the 100th. I do remember T-shirts and coffee mugs. Don’t remember much else. I’m sure some of you out there will remind me. 

So now the 150th. Aberdeen Marsh-Ozga and Alex Gallegos, both village trustees, have volunteered to be on the steering committee as has yours truly. (Why miss a Riverside party?) 

They are looking for more people to participate since there will be various committees to serve on to help this be another Riverside anniversary to put in the books.

At the present, there are no definite plans nor has a date been set. Ideas are always welcome and, according to Gallegos, they are looking into a few concepts. Assured it will not be as big as the 100th anniversary, well maybe, half as big.

Those who are interested in being a part of the celebration can email your info to the Gallegos at agallegos@riverside.il.us. 

Let’s get ready to celebrate good times in Riverside and learn more about our town. Join us!