Working eight years with Bessie Boyd on the LaGrange-Brookfield District 102 board’s advisory Committee for Equity and Minority Achievement (CEMA) allowed me to witness her level of commitment and courage to speak her mind. 

Her important perspective opened up discussion to points of view many of us in the group hadn’t considered. Bessie’s attention to detail allowed the board of education to create better policies. She has character and is a respected leader in the community. And she is a Congress Park Elementary School and District 102 alum.

Strong candidates with experience in the education system are needed always, but especially with D102’s new superintendent and with the district’s continued implementation of its 8-plus year DEI initiative. 

Understanding what that means is essential and Bessie has proven she is up for the challenge. In two years, the board will change over again, which will make for a very green school board. No learning curve needed nor any agenda here except the best interests of students.

Bessie is the real deal and an earnest person. Please consider voting for Dr. Bessie Boyd for D102 school board.

Nancy Bramson, Brookfield