As a longtime local elementary teacher, I have experienced firsthand how a school board can equip students for success by understanding and supporting their teachers. I think educators are especially qualified as school board members because they know personally the incredible opportunities and significant challenges of teaching. 

That said, I am thrilled that Molly Knott is running for a seat on the LaGrange-Brookfield District 102 school board. Not only is Molly an amazing educator, she is uniquely suited to serve on this school board because she knows this district so well.

Molly taught in D102 schools for several years in a few different roles. Our family was lucky enough to have her as a teacher for one of our children at Congress Park School. Before that year, we had known the Knott family as neighbors. 

Molly also understands and is dedicated to this community because she lives here. But we got to know her better through our son’s time in her class. Molly is one of the most thoughtful, innovative and dedicated teachers I’ve met. 

When our son shared the things he was doing in class with Mrs. Knott, it frequently inspired meaningful conversations at home. I greatly appreciated how well Molly knew her students as individuals and motivated each of them to be the best versions of themselves; her classrooms are places where students feel valued and empowered to take ownership of their learning. Molly is not satisfied with “good enough” but takes the time to reflect on her work and find creative ways to continuously improve.

Molly will bring this same dedication, innovation, and care to the D102 school board, supporting teachers and students because she knows so well what they need. Molly Knott has my vote for D102 school board, and she should have yours, too.

Gail Housman, Brookfield