We support our Parks and Recreation Department, enjoy and volunteer for their programs, and recognize their value to village residents. Nevertheless, parks and rec are proposing to install a nine-hole disc golf course in the natural parkway between the Scout Cabin and Indian Gardens, and we most strongly object to their proposal to site this activity in this space. 

The proposed location poses safety issues, either for the participants or the general public; the proposed location would be so short as to be a “putt putt” version of a normal course; and the proposed location is protected by village statute as open space for the enjoyment of all citizens. 

Here we will focus on safety. First, the area currently proposed is both narrow and only 350-400 yards in length. This would accommodate three to four holes of disc golf. To wedge in nine holes means that on the second half of the course, the players are playing against the direction of players coming the other direction. 

They would, in effect, be sharing the same fairways, but in opposite directions. Second, players using the course pose a danger for pedestrians walking in this area, as well as a conflict for people using the Scout Cabin. 

Third, many holes of the proposed course are sited very close to Fairbank Road. Even for expert players, it is reasonable to expect that discs will end up in the road, creating a huge risk for motorists or cyclists and the individual retrieving the disc. 

All of these safety issues could easily be avoided by locating the proposed course 100 yards to the east and situate the holes around the baseball fields in Indian Gardens Park. This would provide a safer, more interesting and longer one-way course.

Melinda Pruett-Jones, Riverside