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We're your best friend's home away from home.

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DOGGIE DAY PLAY is now open at 1135 Chicago Avenue.  We are a dog daycare and hotel that provides a super clean experience and the highest level of care for your pets.  We have trained an all star team as our staff.  Our team has been trained in animal behavior, animal first aid/CPR and our high standards of cleanliness.  Your pet will be treated to a combination of play and rest that is closely monitored by our staff to make certain that your pet is cared for in an individual manner, the same way you would.


PLAY ALL DAY!  Doggie Day Play is the perfect place for your dog to play all day.  Dogs are social by nature. The more they play and socialize, the happier and healthier their lives will be. Bring your best friend to Doggie Day Play for a day of loving, playful, and clean fun.


HIGH STANDARDS!  Brent Showalter personally built our facility.  So you know that it's good.  Really, really good.  You should ask him about the vent system.  It's better than the one in my house.


FRIENDLY STAFF!  Our staff is highly trained.  Most of us are dog owners ourselves, and we have worked with dogs of all ages for years, (especially at Yuppie Puppy).  We will show your dog the love and attention they deserve.


CONVENIENCE!  We offer pickup service as well as drop off, just in case you're out of town or rushing off to work.  We want to make it seamless for you and your dog.


YOU MAY ALREADY KNOW US. . .  The Yuppie Puppy strives to be the leader in grooming services area-wide.  We give personal attention to each of our clients.  If we don't know them by their first name, it's because they've never been here before!  We take our humane approach to animal grooming very seriously.  This means we do not muzzle an animal under any circumstances unless given a personal reason, (i.e. they've bitten one of our staff members).  We have found that this method is the most successful.



We have lived here for over 20 years, and hope to make a positive impact on our community for years to come.  In choosing to begin this business, we made a decision to spend our hard earned dollars with local businesses.  We are thankful to the following businesses and organizations for their help in starting us on our journey:

Dressel's Hardware--Our LOCAL hardware store has made a huge difference in getting us opened quickly.  Where else can you buy a single screw and have great people helping you navigate the store.  Over 500 trips to the hardware store to finish the project from demolition to completion.

The Village of Oak Park Building Dept.--Who worked closely with us to move our designs through the process efficiently to allow us to build our facility quickly.

Community Bank of Oak Park--Our LOCAL bank that handles all of our accounts with a smile and friendly service to get our vendors paid efficiently.

Granite Realty--Our LOCAL landlords who worked with us to create a great facility.

Warren Wenzloff--Our LOCAL lawyer that did all that legal stuff it takes to make us legal and official.

Eight Cubed Architecture--Our LOCAL architect that created the working drawings to present to the Village of Oak Park and satisfy all the codes required to build out a facility of this size.

Hometown Handyman--Our LOCAL build-out crew that worked long days installing our floors, building our walls, installing tile, building our custom furniture and a million other little details to get us open in 90 days from the time we got the keys.

Riordan Electric--Our LOCAL electrician who undid a spiderweb of 80+ years of wires and made a safe, efficient electrical system for the next 80 years.

Elm Heating and Cooling--Our LOCAL heating and cooling contractor designed a state of the art custom fresh air system with a super cool, ultraviolet air sanitizing element to keep our doggies happy and bacteria free in all weather. 

Forest Park Stucco--Our LOCAL stucco contractor really knew what they were doing to transform the old, tired facade into a beautiful and fresh new place.

Our Chicago Avenue Neighbors--Who offered encouragement every day as we walked outside, sweaty and dirty.  Thank you for your support.  We hope to bring a vibrant business to the neighborhood.

The Village of Oak Park-Building and Property Standards Ladies that Tend--Who handled our many paermit applications with a smile and kept us rolling.  Thank you Ladies.

Oak Park Development Corporation--Our LOCAL business organization that assisted with grant funds to restore the facade of our new business.

The Village of Oak Park--Design Commission, Building Inspectors, Business Licensing Dept., Business Development office, Public Works, Forestry Dept., Ordinance Dept.  Thank you all for working with us to move through the process to help us to open quickly.

Thank you to all these folks and more in helping to get us up and running.  We hope Oak Park and River Forest families will consider using our services for the care of your pets.  We are passionate about business that is built on the simple idea of respecting our customers and offering true service.  Please stop by and see us.  We would love to show you what we can do.




Brent and Jill Showalter


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matt D. from berwyn  

Posted: January 13th, 2012 10:15 PM

This place is great. The staff is friendly and great with the dogs. The price is reasonable, the facilities are clean and inviting, and our dog LOVES going there. That's all you really need to know. If you have a dog and need a place to board it or even a place to get it some socialization, I highly reccomend doggie day play.