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New Henninger design a complete turnaround

I was delighted to be so impressed with the work that the developer and the architect for the Village Center project have expended on their latest proposal presented at Thursday's Plan Commission meeting.

As one of the project's most vocal critics, I was prepared to be disappointed with this latest permutation, but instead, I was completely turned around. The building that they showed the commission is such a vast improvement over their earlier effort as to be almost totally unrelated.

I'm now convinced that they obviously want to do a first-class project and the result, if it materializes as envisioned, will be a fine addition and a marvelous solution to a very problematic and contentious site. All credit to them.

Do I still wish it was only three floors? Yes, I still do. But I have to say that the way in which the architect has camouflaged the fourth story in order to make the building appear to be a three-story structure with a dormered roof is the best possible solution, and may in fact turn out to be a trend setter.

Perhaps even more intriguing is the clever way in which they have managed to contain the bulk of the structure on the west facade by stepping it down to three floors and creating a roof terrace. The "wrap" of the corner with a unique new entrance treatment is perfect for the site. The long wall on Burlington also has been treated most ingeniously to break it up into different segments.

Their attention to detail, choice of premium-grade materials and desire to work with the Landscape Commission are all to be applauded.

All in all, I feel that this project is now on the right track and will become a valuable asset for Riverside. It gave me a lot of pleasure to tell both the developer and the architect just that, which I did.

Build well and prosper, guys.

Donald Spatny

Instead of slinging mud, VIP should answer questions

As a village trustee, I think it is in the best interest of the village not to perpetuate the bitter politics that letters to the editor can produce. But I could only sit by and keep quite for so long as Will Brennan and Leeann Digan write letters with such absurd and fact-less allegations and innuendo.

Ms. Digan's letter ("PEP balances budget on backs of employees," Letters, Sept. 14) contained absolutely no facts to back up her wild accusations. It is obvious to me that VIP is setting her up for a run for trustee in 2007 with Wil Brennan and probably Mr. Bill.

Now let's talk a little about VIP Wil's latest letter ("Hiring law firm a conflict of interest for PEP board?" Letters, Sept. 28). He uses words like "fraud" and "conflict of interest." He implies wrongdoing by members of the current village board.

I can assure you that I have complete trust and respect for all of the current village board members. The accusations being slung at the PEP members of the board for VIP political gain are baseless and without facts to support them. Bill, Wil and Leeann are using that old political strategy of "throw enough mud at them and some of it will stick." I, for one, believe the residents and voters will see this for what it is?"political blathering.

But here are some things that Wil and Bill and Leeann can actually write about that the public may want the answers to. Wil, you want to write about conflict of interest? Explain the over $68,000 dollars in a no-bid contract that Brookfield spent in the first year of your administration to paint village hall. Let's look at this a little more. The painter worked the polling places for you during your campaign and notarized a large number of VIP petitions over the years. Your administration also issued a check to him dated a month before he presented a bill for the work. Which begs the question?"was the check written to match the bill or was the bill written to match the check? The fact that he was a non-union painter is really not an issue. The issue is that without a bid process, no other painter?"union or not?"had an opportunity to get the work, and the village did not save money by having competitive bidding.

The village attorneys during the Wil and Bill VIP administration gave tens of thousands of dollars to the VIP Party and Friends of Bill Russ political funds. Plus, why the change in village attorneys during the middle of your administration? Did that have anything to do with contributions? Answer that conflict of interest, Wil. This very paper gave the truth about where VIP received their campaign funds; it is a matter of record.

While you are writing Wil, how about complete disclosure of your actions regarding the secret loan deal to pay the back taxes for that friend of VIP? I could go on, but that should keep Wil busy for a while. Answer some of those questions, Wil.

It is clear to me that Wil, Bill and Leeann started their campaign for 2007 the night VIP lost in April. It is also clear that they have nothing of substance, so they will present you fantasy not facts, offer innuendo instead of truth. Watch their actions over the coming months and think about the real motives for their letters and negativity. Then ask yourself, are these the best people for your village government? Are they really acting with the best interest of Brookfield at heart?

Michael Towner

? Michael Towner is a Brookfield village trustee.

Chamber reaches 100 members

The Brookfield Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce they now have 100 members. Brunetti's Restaurant, 9022 31st St. in Brookfield, recently joined the Chamber of Commerce making them the 100th member. Joe Izzo, chairman of the Membership Committee, continues to work very hard at signing up businesses to become members. We are pleased to have Brunetti's and our other members as part of our Chamber.

On Jan. 1 a new set of officers took control of the Chamber and their primary goal is to help Chamber member's businesses be more successful. If you are a business in Brookfield and are not a member of the Chamber, feel free to call the Chamber office at 485-1434 or Joe Izzo at (630)212-7376 and ask about what we can do to make your business more successful.

Matthew Joseph

? Matthew Joseph is president of the Brookfield Chamber of Commerce.

Thanks for coming to the D95 forum

On behalf of the Board of Education of District 95 Brookfield/LaGrange Park, I want to thank everyone who took the time out of their busy lives to attend our Community Forum for Facilities meeting on Sept. 29.

Your attendance was an will be critical to the formulation of long range plans for our facilities and its effect on our communities. I would encourage attendance at the subsequent meetings on Oct. 24 and Nov. 29 as the discussions will be more focused and detailed.

James Landahl, school board president
Dr. Douglas Rudig, superintendent
Brookfield-LaGrange Park District 95

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