North Riverside native still tearing up the drag strip

Ever since she was 8 years old, North Riverside native Brina Splingaire, currently living in Schaumberg, has had a passion for drag racing. Along with her father Jeff and her mother Cyndy, the family has spent weekends driving around, watching as Brina burn rubber on drag strips throughout the Midwest.

How will history remember this time?

The New Year is something we should have looked forward to with hope and anticipation of better things to come, but on Jan. 6, we faced our country being attacked, not by foreign entities, but by or own people living here.

Calendar’s flipped but we’re still homebound

Here we are 2021 and we’re still spending more time at home than we had thought we would be spending. Excess time has led us to be creative in how we are spending that time, whether alone or with others.

Wildlife part of the scenery in Riverside

Oh, deer! After reading a story in last week’s Landmark about two deer being hit by cars within seconds of each other on First Avenue, I was reminded that there are number animals in the area. Poor things!


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