Laura Atwood

A new business in Brookfield caught my eye as I was driving down Broadway Avenue recently. From what I could see from the street, Laura Atwood Studio Beads and Trading Company was intriguing and I knew it was a must-see. 

Stepping into the shop located at 9142 Broadway Ave., I was amazed at all there was to see. First, the store, which had been gutted, had a semi-industrial appearance with walls displaying the natural brick and shelves displaying textiles, pillows, baskets, and jewelry from far-flung countries.  One wall, which immediately caught my eye, was adorned with strands and strands of beads of all colors, each one prettier than the next. There was much to look at and enjoy.

The business is owned by Laura Atwood, and the owning the business is something she says has been on her “bucket list,” after many years displaying her own jewelry designs at art shows and boutiques. A former Riverside resident, Atwood and her affinity toward art runs in the family. Her son, Justin, runs a guitar design and repair business just a block west on Broadway Avenue.

Having only been open for four weeks, Atwood is still getting word out about the business. Among her plans for drawing new people to the business is starting jewelry-making classes two evenings a week. While the classes will be free, those attending the class will be asked to purchase their jewelry-making items ahead of time from the store.  

There also will be classes geared towards children, but it’s also a perfect place to have a ladies night out. Being one who enjoys jewelry and likes to think I am somewhat “crafty,” I fully intend to sign up for a class. This may be the solution to what to give to all the females on my Christmas list.

Although she has a studio in Fox Lake and makes trips to Santa Fe, most of Atwood’s time will be spent in Brookfield living the dream.

Laura Atwood Studio Beads and Trading Company is open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily and is closed on Sunday and Monday. For more information call 312-952-1339. Gift cards are available.