No referendum, no problem

With the opening of the Linda Sokol Francis Brookfield Library this week – do yourself a favor and swing by either sometime […]

Need to up vaccine rates

Between June 8 and July 13 – a period of five weeks — there were 10 total cases of COVID-19 reported between […]

Changing of the guard

There have been an awful lot of police chief retirements around these parts recently, the latest coming in Brookfield, where Ed Petrak […]

Vital resource

Pillars Community Health, the LaGrange-based nonprofit that resulted from the 2018 merger of Pillars and Community Nurse Health Center, celebrates its 100th […]

Well, that was fun

You might not have known that the area was reopening from a pandemic on the morning of July 3 in Riverside and […]

Setting a precedent?

Good for the Lyons Township High School District 204 Board of Education. After seven long years, the school district was able to […]


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