It’s not about the game, it’s about the hype, the food, the commercials. But not the game. Super Bowl XXXIX is finally over, but not before we have a week of afterthought and commentary from everyone from schoolchildren to politicians and every sportscaster in between. So why should I be excluded? Here’s my take on the whole scene?”and keep in mind I am a sports fan.
The Patriots and Eagles showed up in Jacksonville in order to give the Patriots something to crow about, and go into the history books with more fervor than many an act of patriotism. After all the team won its third title in four years.

Quarterback Tom Brady and his bunch proved there is never enough bling to go on one man’s hand. Mother McNabb, the mother of Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb, who is known not only for being the mom of a good quarterback but also a star of soup commercials, is now busy making comfort food for her son and his teammates when she hoped she would be shining the Lombardi trophy. Her little boy did throw for the fourth most yards in Super Bowl history, but all for naught. He looks good on the stat sheet, however.

The weeks before the game found us inundated with recipes for Super Bowl parties. The Food Channel had more menus than we needed. Emeril filled his audience with manly men who grabbed their beers and watched as he “bammed” his way to heartburn with spicy dishes.

Rachel Ray came across with tempting tidbits we could toss together in 30 minutes. Watching the menus filling up the screen, I observed the only item missing were Tums and Brioschi (ask an Italian what that is), because one would certainly need them after munching much of the Super Bowl faire.

I came to the realization my veggie dip and chili were out of date, no taking it up a notch in the Kosey kitchen. However, I did succumb to standbys to bring to the Super Bowl party on Selborne. There were some good old ham rollups, and I added elbow macaroni to the chili, thereby stretching it to serve a big crowd. I did give the chili a little extra spice?”call it “essence of Kosey.” Thank goodness someone was smart enough to bring spinach dip, one of my favorites.

Contrary to the belief of men, women do enjoy watching the game and not just the commercials, though there were times during the game when the commercials were better than some of the plays.

Many of us knew Eagles wide receiver Terrell Owens was iffy to play following ankle surgery six weeks ago. Some say he was brave, I’m not one of those people.

As for the halftime show, I loved it! Who can’t help but like Paul McCartney? And, to all those naysayers who say he’s too old, he’ll still be going strong “when’s he’s 64.” According to Jennifer and Sarah Schoenheider (third and first graders respectively), “He was cool!”

Yes girls he’s still got it.

To the Patriots, congratulations. And, since Jacksonville is not that far from Orlando, why don’t you all go to Disney World.

Flashback … It’s hard to believe, but it was 1986 when the Chicago Bears won the Super Bowl by a score of 46-10 over their opponents. Who were their opponents? Why the Patriots, of course.

Maybe we can reprise the Super Bowl Shuffle for next year! Ya think?