Wendell’s run has come to an end. “The Bachelorette” aired its fifth episode Monday night on ABC-Channel 7, and the four remaining men were narrowed to three. Unfortunately, Riverside native Wendell Jisa was cut from contention for Bachelorette’s Jen Schefft’s heart.

In Monday’s episode, Jen visited each man’s family in their hometowns.

“It’s so important,” she said. “I’m still deciding about these men. I have to see where they’re coming from.”

First she was off to Oklahoma City to see John Paul. She bonded with his mom and dad and two of his brothers. They liked sports, and sports is an important topic to Jen and her family. After having dinner with his family, Jen went to John Paul’s house and they spent time together alone.

Next, Jen visited Ryan’s family in Medford, Oregon. They ice skated a bit, then went to his parents’ house for dinner. The show focused heavily on his parents’ inclination to talk about their recent trip to Thailand, but both his mom and dad were very friendly and warm, if a bit nervous.

Then came Wendell. Jen came to Chicago, and she and Wendell drove to the home of his mother, local Realtor Judy Jisa, to visit with his family. Jen said she was excited to spend time alone with him, because they hadn’t had much of a chance to do that before. Wendell was equally excited to introduce Jen.

They all had dinner and Jen seemed to enjoy herself, but when it came time to leave, Wendell’s family let him know they weren’t sure there was much of a spark.

After visiting Jerry’s family in Rochester, New York, Jen was back to New York City and the rose ceremony. Wendell walked away empty-handed.

Still, Jen seemed honestly upset when it came to cutting him, but she said feelings just didn’t develop and that he was just more of a friend.

In her online diary on the show’s Web site, Jen mused: “On paper, Wendell is the perfect guy for me, but it doesn’t always work like that.”

Wendell agreed.

“There just wasn’t that chemistry,” he says. “There wasn’t the opportunity.”

Wendell says he and Jen can now be friends, as they both live and work in Chicago. He says he also grew close to a number of the men who were also on the show, and they’ll keep in touch.

After all, Wendell says it wasn’t a surprise that it was his turn to go.

“It was time,” he says. “I was who I was, and I’m happy about the way they portrayed me on TV. I have no regrets. I’m walking away with an unbelievable experience.”