We just finished with Valentine’s Day a day filled with hearts, flowers, candy and all things mushy and to do with love, although being shot with an arrow does not seem to invoke love even if it is from Cupid’s arrow.

If you got a store-bought card, you know when someone cared to send you the very best and spared no expense. All one has to do is turn over a card and check the price to know you could have had a single red rose for the same price and said a few nice words. It would have cost the same.

This does not mean one should put a price on how much one is cared for; not at all. I still think the best cards are the ones made by children with paper hearts, decorations and lots of glue–yes, lots of glue. While today’s glue may dry clear, there will still be enough glue visible to make sure none of the decorations fall off. And much to the delight of children everywhere, they still will be able to peel the sticky substance off their fingers for the next 15 minutes after finishing their creation.

This year Valentine’s Day happened during the season of Lent, so for those who gave up candy during Lent, too bad. However, somewhere in my years of formal learning I was told Sunday was not actually considered a day of Lent. This may not be, so any theologians who happen to read this are welcome to correct me, and I will pass it on if there is a need to do so. Until then feel free to stop over at Aunt Diana’s and pick up some goodies, since they will still be good on Sunday.

How sad is it we have to set aside a day to remind us about love when it should be an everyday thing. That will be my new campaign, not that I had a campaign going.

And while we are on the subject of love, the “Wendell Watch” ended last week on the reality TV show “The Bachelorette.”

Riverside’s own Wendell Jisa did not receive a rose from Jen, sending him home. Frankly, I think he was lucky. You know, Wendell, when I was single we had another name for girls who were dating more than one guy at a time, and it wasn’t “bachelorette.”

Anyway, since most people have asked Wendell or his mother Judy Jisa about his TV romance, I decided to ask someone else in the Jisa family, his sister Sara Baker, about the show. Sara said right away, “we had fun with it,” but “I’m glad it’s over.”

Our conversation was more on the “girl talk” side of things. Yes, Jen is really a nice girl, and she had mixed feelings when her brother told the family he was going to be part of a TV show. Her brother and Jen didn’t get to spend much time together, but the ride from downtown to Riverside provided the couple some time together without the cameras in their face.

The visit to the Jisa home took place in November (that was 3 months ago!) and while “lots of editing” was done, Sara said she was “happy how they were portrayed.” They are a close, fun family, which also includes another brother Danny and a sister Wendy who resides in Denver but came in for the taping.

Sara continued the situation is “unrealistic, but fun” and felt her brother was “totally himself.” He made friends with the other bachelors and enjoyed the experience.

While Wendell may not have been Jen’s choice (she may regret it later), it has opened a few other doors for the eligible bachelor, and his appearance has made him the topic of conversation around the office water coolers, TV talk shows and radio.

One can only think Wendell Jisa did not have a dating problem before “The Bachelorette.” but we can only imagine this Valentine’s Day his mail box was fuller than usual.