Blythe Park School will be honoring two of its teachers who will be retiring this year. Carol Massey first came to the school to teach second grade in 1970. She remained there until 1977, when she left to raise her son. But she didn’t stay away for long. Massey returned in 1981 and has been their ever since, imparting to her students her special qualities as a teacher.

Cabrini Jablon came to Blythe Park in 1983, and has been the nurturing force of many a kindergarten student who came to the school. She’s retiring after 23 years in District 96.

The members of the Blythe Park PTA are looking for people who may have pictures, special memories or wishes they would care to send to either or both of the teachers. Any pictures sent will be scanned and returned to the owner. Information may be sent to Blythe Park School, c/o the PTA, 735 Leesley Road, Riverside, Ill. 60546.

More information can also be learned by contacting the school at 447-2168.

Get out and vote

There are some important issues on the March 21 primary ballot, and it is up to you to make a difference by going out to vote.

I join the Landmark editorial staff in its endorsement of local referendums, particularly for Riverside-Brookfield High School.

Remember, no taxing body ever takes it lightly to go to the voters. In the case of RB, I have seen what needs, and I mean needs, to be done. Husband Joe and I believe a strong school system is a benefit to the students, community and property values. Please join us in voting “yes” on March 21.

Common, my foot

Why they call it the common cold I do not know, because when you have a cold you feel there is nothing common about it. We females know we are only allowed a certain amount of time to “nurse” ourselves back to health whereas males tend to require more attention and recuperative time.

Females are also subjected to the question, “Where did you get that cold?” almost as if we had deliberately sought it out.

“Well, gee, I don’t know I think I went to the cold department at the store and looked for one.”

I’m not sure if my reply was sufficient but under the conditions it was the best I could come up with. I will have to say my “common cold” was the lesser of what I have heard some people had, I need not go into any details.

The remedies are many and the advice is ample when one has a cold, but the old-fashioned remedies are the best, get lots of rest and drink plenty of fluids. Chicken soup really does work, and it takes care of some of the liquid requirements.

Since my “cold days” extended into a Friday, I absolved myself of the Friday during Lent regulation, deeming the soup was for medicinal purposes.

Tissues are a must wherever you roam during your convalescence. I myself am a Puffs person. I find them softer and they’re easier to get out of the box. I also like the designs on the box.

Box designs should not be a criteria, but they become important when you tote that box wherever you go. Price should not be a factor, because when you have a cold your nose deserves the very best in softness. Commercial for Puffs completed.

Husband Joe has just come in complaining he has the sniffles and is going to stay home from work, because his colleagues at Volvo of Lisle will be glad he is keeping his germs at home. So now the Kosey household will experience the “uncommon cold” and, ladies, you know what I mean.