Two bicyclists were taken to a local hospital last Sunday after a scrape with an elderly driver.

Around 9 a.m. Ruth Rembis, 71, of Blue Island, was driving northwest on Kent Road, when a group of 12 cyclists approached. She stopped at the stop sign at the Longcommon Road, pulled up and saw the cyclists, but allegedly failed to yield to them while making a left turn going southwest on Longcommon.

Police estimate the cyclists were traveling between 20 and 25 mph and had to screech to a halt to avoid the woman. One cyclist hit the car and another braked hard, launching his body over the handle bars. The man who was thrown from his bike as a result of braking sustained a broken shoulder, collar bone and cracked ribs. He was still hospitalized as of Monday.

The cyclist who collided with the car suffered a few minor scrapes, and was treated and released from a local hospital. Rembis was also hospitalized, apparently from shock after the incident. She was released from the hospital Monday morning, according to police, and was ticketed for failure to yield while turning left.