Don’t put it off, first-timersIn the over 40 years North Riverside resident Teresa Hall has been an X-ray technician, she has seen many changes in her field dealing with mammograms. At DuPage Imaging, where she has been employed for 10 years, she is trained to use the latest digital equipment.

As Hall says, the use of digital equipment finds any potential problems sooner and is not as uncomfortable as earlier methods. With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Hall and some of her co-workers are participating in a “First Timers Event” to have women come in for mammograms.

On Sunday, Oct. 4, the group is encouraging those who may never have had the test, although this is not just for those who have never had a mammogram. One need not have any symptoms to have the test done, according to Hall. While many women are afraid to have the test taken, coming to a day such as this will give women a chance to ask questions. As an incentive, there will be a free breakfast or lunch. As Hall said, “Come for breakfast, have your mammogram, and stay for lunch.”

There will also be a raffle, and participants will go home with a little gift bag. The event was first held last year with many taking advantage of the day.

In conjunction with her work at DuPage Imaging, Hall is chairing a bake sale with members of her department at the center to benefit the American Cancer Society. Those of you who might know Hall know she is no stranger to chairing events of this type and will bake her share of goodies. One can only hope her lemon bars will be available for purchase. (Here’s my check; I’ll take the lemon bars. After all it is for charity!)

Those interested in the Oct. 4 First Timers Event may call Judy at 630-856-4808 for an appointment or information. Those under 40 years of age are asked to have a referral; those over 40 do not need one.

The event will be held at DuPage Imaging Center, 908 N. Elm in Hinsdale. DuPage Imaging is associated with Adventist LaGrange and Hinsdale hospitals.

Did you notice this is the second time in two weeks I have written about someone named Teresa? Hmmm!