You can starve a fever and feed a cold, or feed a fever and starve a cold – whichever you want. But one thing is true; it still has to run its course. I speak from experience, since I am writing this in between coughs and sneezes. Aren’t you glad you’re not near me?

When I was attacked, yes, attacked, I decided there was no other way then the tried-and-true methods learned from Mom to rid myself of whatever this is. Rest is the priority, so I drag myself up to bed, fumble for the remote and think that somewhere in TV Land Law and Order is playing. Isn’t it always?

Surprisingly, I learn there are some episodes I have not seen. Because I am drifting in and out of sleep, I manage to doze at the end of the show thus never learning whodunit. Visits by family members were nice, if the same family member hadn’t told me how bad I looked, confirming what I already believed to be true but not wanting to hear it.

Mom always said to drink lots of fluids, so the water bottle was always by my side. She also had a remedy for coughs which contained, among other things, honey. However, I do believe there was a fair amount of spirits in the concoction. It did work, because after a few swigs you went to sleep and didn’t know you weren’t feeling well, thus getting your needed rest. I might add we were not given this until we were a certain age and could produce an ID.

As I feel I am on the mend, I reflect on a few things I have learned, like even softest form of Puffs tissues after a few days can still give you a nose that resembles a certain reindeer at holiday time. Also, you know you are on the mend when Paula Deen’s and Giada’s cooking on the Food Channel are again appealing. Goodbye chicken soup!

If you want to make yourself feel good, Hauser Junior High is presenting “The Music Man” this week, see the item in this week’s calendar in the Landmark. Admission is free but donations are always welcome. The students have been working hard, and you will enjoy hearing those toe-tapping tunes from this popular musical again.