Spring! It arrived Saturday and what could herald it more than snow! I am estimating it to have been about two inches judging by the amount of snow on the patio table, which had already been brought out with keen anticipation.

I had also been encouraged by the crocus plants that had popped out the week before, bringing some color to our yard and its abysmal greyish/brownish hue.

Alas, we do live in the Chicago area. Weather wise, anything can happen and usually does, so I worried about the little plants, but did not rush out to cover them. Mother Nature did watch out for them, so they are still strong and vital. I, on the other hand, have not put the boots away, and the snow brush is close at hand in the car.

Spring does bring up thoughts of earlier springs, the planting of flowers and waiting for them to bloom. It also means a time for garden refreshing. While you prepare to do your own gardening, there will be some much-needed refreshing to the “planters” in the business district. Yes, the day is coming when you will be able to park your car and not step in mud or climb a snow barrier, and your car will also be safe from scratches or nicks from errant branches. I was never quite sure which were weeds or what was a plant in those planters, but my approach to weeding them was “When in doubt, pull it out.”

Now if they would only replace some of the lovely, fragrant lilac bushes that used to grow abundantly in the parks, I would be very happy. They were beautiful and I believe the reasoning was, or so someone told me, was that they were removed so people would not hide in them and be dangerous. Well the only ones to hide in them were us kids when we played hide and seek. Plus it was great to grab a few branches on the way to school to impress your teacher.

So, I will plan the garden and Husband Joe will tend to it. I don’t think he can hurt himself doing that – I can only hope. I will be purchasing some of my new blooms through the RB Patrons Council who are sponsoring a fundraiser where the plants will be sent directly to your home.

For more information contact RB High School 442-7500.