Thanks for scholarship donations

The Ryan Womack Scholarship Committee would like to thank everyone that either came out or made a donation to the 1st Annual Ryan Womack Scholarship fundraiser pig roast on July 10. The event was a wonderful success and we appreciate everyone’s support to make this happen.

A special thank you goes to Eddie Wilkowski, owner of Marlins Bar in Lyons, for his donation and work in cooking the pig and local band Out For Hours who provided the live entertainment.

Thank you again to everyone in the community who has supported the scholarship throughout the years and continue to do so today. If you would like more information on the scholarship, please visit

Randy and Lonnie Womack

Won’t move mailbox down the stairs

In regards to the flier I received at my home last week from Linda L. Smith, postmaster of the Brookfield Post Office that I move my mailbox to the bottom of my stairs:

The plaque outside of a New York City Post Office reads the following: “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

Now I know this isn’t the official credo of the USPS, but it should stand for something shouldn’t it?

Do your job Brookfield Post Office and don’t let four or five stairs get in the way of what you are paid to do, which is to deliver mail to the box already installed at the top of my stairs.

Your request is denied as I will not comply. Keep my mail if you want, as it sounds like it’s just too hard for you to deliver anyway.

Michael Davis

Quit taxing businesses in Brookfield

The Brookfield village board led by Mike Garvey is proposing a tax that will put more pressure on the few businesses we have in this town. In this recession, everyone is suffering. We have all had to tighten our belt straps.

However, is this the most sound economic decision for our town? Will this bring in more money or cause the town to lose money when these businesses up and leave like others have already.

Before he left, I had the pleasure of speaking with the owner of Gemelli restaurant and asked him why he was going. He said it was simply a matter of economics. Although he loved Brookfield, other towns were waiving fees and giving incentives to get him to move his business to their towns. Is this tax going to cause other businesses to do the same?

Maybe these other towns, which have many more businesses than we do, have the right idea. Our village board needs to find ways to support these businesses and bring in customers. The businesses in our community are doing all they can to stay open and bring in revenue for our town. They have organized many wonderful community events including the street dance and bar crawls. Maybe it’s time for Mr. Garvey and the village board to start helping instead of hindering.

Marcey Kusper