Quit backing Brookfield administration

On July 9 there was a second murder in Brookfield within one month. I pray for the victims and their families. Senseless killings and crimes have to stop.

In these very hard economic times when people are struggling to survive, crime is going up not only in Brookfield but all around the country as well. What does the village of Brookfield do with all of this happening? They lay off police and fire personnel.

Why doesn’t the village manager and his staff take some big pay cuts instead of laying off all our public safety personnel? Do they only care about themselves? Our town is in financial ruin, so the first thing they want to do is lay off police and fire personnel. What about putting the public safety of the people first?

A lot of people read the Landmark and the word is getting out about the public safety layoffs. Unfortunately, Brookfield is now attracting the wrong type of people, and this is making some of our residents and business people very vulnerable and easy targets for criminals.

My neighbors and I read the Landmark every week, and it seems to me no matter how bad the current administration does in office, the Landmark slaps them on the wrist and continues to support them. Wake up, Landmark newspaper and face the reality – the current administration has brought Brookfield to financial ruin. Quit backing them!

People tell me that they do not want to come out and vote anymore, because the Landmark newspaper continues to back the current administration, and some feel that their vote will not count or make a difference.

In my opinion, the Landmark may be the cause of low voter turnout in Brookfield in the last few elections. The end result is a bad situation for the people of Brookfield.

Doug Tremper

Chief’s letter to residents encouraging

I would like to thank Police Chief Steven Stelter for his encouraging and positive letter to Brookfield residents regarding the recent shooting at Phoenix Liquors. His letter served to calm resident fears and encourage a spirit of safety as a community.

As a nearby resident of Phoenix Liquors it is unnerving to know that unthinkable human malice is so near to the same yard where I embrace and play with my children.

Hopefully, Brookfield as a village that needs so desperately to continue an economic and social rebirth, will be able to get past recent tragic events and join together for common good.

Thank you Chief Stelter for immediately taking time to write this letter and working diligently. Your service is appreciated.

Steve Iammartino