Put recreation board change to vote

I have lived in Riverside all of my life. When I was little I played soccer with the Riverside rec, which helped develop a love of sports that continues to this day. The rec and youth sports in Riverside help bring people together and foster a sense of community.

I’m not saying that sports will automatically disappear if the rec board is dissolved, but I personally feel that they would not be managed as well by the village board as they are by an organization whose sole responsibility is to oversee athletics.

Whether or not it is technically legal for the board of trustees to dissolve the rec board without a referendum, they should not do it. An institution created by a referendum that has such a long and beloved tradition should not be abolished without the consent of the people it is affecting.

That is why I ask the board of trustees to either call a referendum on the subject or not fix what isn’t broken. Let the people decide.

Nick Rohm

More specifics needed on rec change

I am commenting on the recent proposal by the village administrators who have decided to appropriate the Riverside Parks and Recreation budget and management of same for the sake of a (fiscally minded) accounting of this spending.

Our children have participated and enjoyed the programs presented and run by the park and rec department over the years, and we as parents have supported (coached, assisted) in this integral part of our community, much to our enjoyment and fulfillment.

Having said that, I would like to point out that the worry on our parts is not so much the “change” factor as the lack of specifics in budget amount/application and respective effects that this shift in responsibility will bring.

I feel that the lack of communication on the part of the trustees is either a foreshadowing of a less-supported community function or an oversight on the trustees’ part with regard to the concern of villagers, who value these recreational activities and consider them a vital part of the community in which they live and participate.

The economic condition of the village can only be improved in my opinion as a result of building a better business district downtown, and I just don’t see this happening in spite of all the talk and consulting.

The last thing the trustees need to do is devalue the recreational activities that many residents consider an integral part of family, friend and communal activity here.

Pete Schueler

Trustees should listen to residents

In my estimation, your editorial (“Dawn of a new era,” The Landmark View, July 21) was right on target. It appears to me that the RCA is attempting to govern the same way Obama is “governing” the country – shoving everything down our throats.

When the RCA was campaigning for votes, their rhetoric was quite different. They criticized the incumbents for their “wasteful” ways and promised change (you can believe in). Sound familiar? In my opinion, however, the RCA is reckless and disinterested in keeping Riverside the unique village it is.

Although I do not have any children who use the recreation department facilities, I firmly believe kids need this type of outlet. While growing up, the neighborhood playground was a magic kingdom for me and should be for all children. I wonder if our village president and trustees have forgotten what it’s like to be a kid?

If in 1937 the formation of a recreation system was put to residential vote, the same should be done now to see if the present system should be replaced via politics. I hope the trustees we have put our trust in will do the right thing and listen to the voice of their constituents. I also hope parents of young children will turn out for the Aug. 16 board meeting in hopes of producing a catharsis.

Marion Pierson

Township’s best showcased last week

No, we are not a large township. However, our township has an abundance of talented and dedicated young people. Case in point, last week two different events occurred that brought to the forefront some of our township’s best.

Last Tuesday and Wednesday, the Riverside Township Junior Theatre Guild presented another outstanding production, High Times. The kids performed like professional, going through their well-rehearsed roles without a glitch. A standing ovation goes to Debbie Alm, Jeanne Sheehan and Darryl Glaser for their hard work in bringing this production to the public.

Also, to all those behind the scenes who worked so hard on getting costumes, lighting, scenery and everything else “just right” so that our children could shine – a huge round of applause. Pictures may be viewed on our Web site, www.toi.org/riversidetownship.

On Thursday, three Boy Scouts from Troop 24 attained the rank of Eagle Scout at the Riverside Presbyterian Church – Peter J. Falk, Elliott J. Louthen and Austin D. McKain. These young men most assuredly will become leaders in the community. If not within Riverside, then I am sure they will go on to do great things locally or at the county, state or national level.

Congratulations to all for representing Riverside Township in such a positive light.

Rich Tuscher, supervisor
Riverside Township

Fast action saved swim meet

Fast action by Riverside-Brookfield High School’s Todd Fridrych and Heather Mathis saved a conference swim meet for hundreds of west suburban kids on Saturday, July 24.

With three hours notice, Todd and Heather led kids and parents to pull off a huge meet that was swamped by the heavy rains. They were literally swim-meet lifesavers, bringing great credit and attention to the high school and our community. Thank you, Todd and Heather.

Chris Robling