I would like to thank the Landmark for their straight forward reporting of the proposed new church (“Plans unveiled for 8 Corners church,” News, Sept. 8). I would like to bring attention to the last line about having competition from a non-profit organization.

I am now referring to the various other functions, such as banquets and meetings being held in the multi-purpose room. This is no different than what happens in the current Methodist Church or other churches in the community.

The Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Rotary use church facilities to provide pancake breakfasts, cook-outs, etc. This brings sales tax dollars to Brookfield and its neighboring communities, because the supplies for the functions are usually purchased at the local grocery store and restaurants.

A wedding with a three-hour open bar that would typically be held in a restaurant would not be held at the church. The church has not or will not serve liquor either permanently or temporarily. It would be an alternative for people such as my son, Karl, whose reception was held at a Methodist Church in Brookfield.

He invited the whole congregation to the wedding to thank them for helping to make him a man worthy of the lovely and wonderful bride-to-be, Ann Galuska. It would have been cost-prohibited to have it at a restaurant. They also wanted to have their wedding where alcohol was not accessible. I hope this clears up any comments.

Linda Sokol Francis