The owners of Chicago Burgerwurks at 8819 Ogden Ave. in Brookfield have opened a new satellite restaurant a couple of doors east. Chicago Soup and Sandwich Wurks opened on Nov. 16.

The new restaurant features the same surprising ingredients as the tiny hamburger stand to the west, which has made big waves in the neighborhood for its unusual offerings like the Maui Wowi burger with Swiss, grilled ham and pineapple or the grilled shrimp in garlic scampi sauce – on a burger. But this new restaurant has seating – for 30 – as opposed to the micro-stool bar at Burgerwurks.

At least six handcrafted soups are offered daily, such as roasted red pepper and artichoke and French onion. Twenty-six sandwiches, wraps and salads appear on the menu including seared ahi tuna and prime rib.

Owner Eric Hummel and his wife, Patti, say they have a mission to bring great food choices closer to home for Brookfield’s residents.

“It’s all about elevating Ogden [Avenue],” says Hummel.

Hummel says the east-west thoroughfare doesn’t adequately represent the town. “Brookfield is a dynamic place – a great place to grow up and raise a family.”

Hummel started with a big vision in a small venue. Burgerwurks looks like a run-of-the-mill hotdog stand, complete with familiar yellow-and-red Vienna Beef signage. But word of mouth soon spread that the cuisine bordered on gourmet.

The “Luciferger” features pepper jack cheese, sweet onions and chipotle relish. Raspberry melba sauce and mozzarella cheese flavor the Raspberry Chicken. The Smoky Guacamole burger features bacon tomato and avocado. A vegetarian menu offers Portobello burgers.

Opening night of the new soup and sandwich shop, Hummel hosted a fundraiser for the 30-year anniversary of Community Support Services down the street at 9021 Ogden. Marketing and Development Manager Cathie Schiffman says Burgerwurks quickly became an office lunchtime hangout.

“When [Burgerwurks] first opened [a co-worker] came back to the office and said ‘I’ve just eaten the best burger I’ve had in my life.'”

Hummel has hosted and catered three events over the past two years for Community Support Services.

“He gives back to the community,” says Schiffman.

Behind the grill is new chef Mike Zimmer, who just returned from a summer stint on an Alaskan luxury train line – where he cooked for 16-hour trips between Anchorage and Fairbanks for the Princess/Holland America tour corporation.

Making Brookfield a destination for great dining in a comfortable setting is Hummel’s goal.

“We’re in competition with LaGrange,” says Hummel, “Definitely! We want to bring notice and attention to Brookfield – that there’s more than the zoo.”